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  • 8th March Following today's summit between Valle D' Aosta Administration, Civil Protection Department and the representatives of the Valle D'Aosta lift companies, we announce the closure  for the season of the Cervino Spa lifts starting from Monday 9 March 2020 due to the spread of COVID-19 Virus.



Our shop sells the typical products of AOSTA VALLEY from the salted and dry-cured meats: Prosciutto Crudo di Saint Marcel, Motzetta, Lardo d’ Arnad, cacciatorini of game meat, to cheeses: Bleu d'Aoste, Fontina Dop, Tome from our valleys, goat’s cheese, to accompany with sweet and sour sauces and local honey. We have a vast assortment of typical wines with more than 60 labels, prestigious raisin wines and late vintages, grappa and liquors as well as some of the most important Italian champagnes and wines. Balsamic vinegars, of Blueberry and Raspberries, Walnut oil, Aosta Valley jams, fondues, chestnuts with honey and much more.

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