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  • 09/08/20: Open the line of the cable cars Breuil-Cervinia - Plateau Rosà, the Summer skiing and the Bike Park.

Restaurants & Mountain huts


AT an altitude of 3100 metres on ski run no. 6 on Plateau Rosà, at the start of the Bontadini chair-lift, stands Bar Ristorante Bontadini, with its spacious panoramic terraces. Dinners are held to coincide with skiing descents by the light of the full moon. The restaurant has a terrace. Dogs welcome.

Typical Valdostan and international cuisine. The restaurants typical specialities: Valdostan polenta, Valdostan cheese fondue, baked lasagne, homemade truffle-flavoured ravioli, gnocchi maison with Castelmagno cheese, barley and cereal soup, spelt and pulse soup, chamois with polenta, fresh lamb ribs with herbs, house desserts and fish on Friday.