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  • 8th March Following today's summit between Valle D' Aosta Administration, Civil Protection Department and the representatives of the Valle D'Aosta lift companies, we announce the closure  for the season of the Cervino Spa lifts starting from Monday 9 March 2020 due to the spread of COVID-19 Virus.


Restaurants & Mountain huts


AT an altitude of 3100 metres on ski run no. 6 on Plateau Rosà, at the start of the Bontadini chair-lift, stands Bar Ristorante Bontadini, with its spacious panoramic terraces. Dinners are held to coincide with skiing descents by the light of the full moon. The restaurant has a terrace. Dogs welcome.

Typical Valdostan and international cuisine. The restaurants typical specialities: Valdostan polenta, Valdostan cheese fondue, baked lasagne, homemade truffle-flavoured ravioli, gnocchi maison with Castelmagno cheese, barley and cereal soup, spelt and pulse soup, chamois with polenta, fresh lamb ribs with herbs, house desserts and fish on Friday.