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  • 09/08/20: Open the line of the cable cars Breuil-Cervinia - Plateau Rosà, the Summer skiing and the Bike Park.

Restaurants & Mountain huts


Le Bistrot de L’Abbé is located beside the church, in a warm welcoming ambience, with a stunning stone and wood fireplace which is totally unique in Cervinia. The winery boasts more than 200 wine labels from all over the world including Petrus Pomerol, the second most prestigious wine in the world. Each wine accompanies the platters of selected cheese, pâté, salmon, local cold cuts, home-made pasta and home-inspired second courses. The dishes that most deserve a taste are the Carpaccio of carne salada, crayfish salad, tagliolini pasta with pumpkin flowers and goat’s cheese, pappardelle pasta with venison, duck ravioli with port and black truffle, buffalo steak with sea salt and extra virgin olive oil, shanks in Pinot Noir, the sashimi tuna steak. The desserts include ice cream au gratin, tarte tatin and zabaione with ice cream and chocolate flakes. Open all year.

Via Gorret 11021 - Breuil Cervinia (AO)