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  • 26th October 2020: Lifts system temporarily closed as per decree issued on 25th October. Awaiting for the new.  We will keep the website updated.

Restaurants & Mountain huts


The Chalet Etoile is a historic restaurant which is situated at the bottom of the Cervino. It was created and it is managed from Cesare Frassy since 1974. Today his Swedish wife Ulla and his daughter and son Caroline and Kalle are taking care of this amazing restaurant as well. During these 40 years, we always tried to offer to our clients the best, by changing the setting to increase the comfort offered to our clients and by offering high quality food. Our chef Ulla, over the years, has been researching different dishes to propose to our customers, increasing our menu with innovative recipes including reindeer filet tempua, ravioli with king crab. Our menu varies from fish, meat and of course the traditional meal of our region . Furthermore, to go along with the incredible flavor of our dishes, we do have a vast variety of local/non local wine. We are expecting you for an incredible lunch experience. SUMMER 2016 OPEN FROM THE 25TH OF JULY TO THE 20TH OF AUGUST
+39.0166.940220 / +39.0166.945007
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