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  • 13/08/20: Open the line of the cable cars Breuil-Cervinia - Plateau Rosà, and the Bike Park. Closed the summer ski

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The characteristic Hotel Bucaneve's Restaurant offers to its Guests an excellent and accurate service.

Le Vieux Braconnier is a Gourmet Restaurant that will satisfy every kind of palates, the fine ones, the vegetarians and the coeliacs too.
Every Guest will be able to try out the tipical Aosta Valley dishes and the international ones, ( thanks to the constant research of new niche products and to innovative cooking methods ), washing them down with our wine cellar's wonderful wines.

Dishes prepared with care and passion by our chef, using ingredients mostly coming by local production, linked to the region, and refering, above all, to the great tradition of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine.

C/o Hotel Bucaneve - Breuil-Cervinia