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  • 26th October 2020: Lifts system temporarily closed as per decree issued on 25th October. Awaiting for the new.  We will keep the website updated.

Restaurants & Mountain huts


For an exceptional dining experience, come to the Snowflake at hotel Principe delle Nevi. The restaurant features contemporary Italian cuisine from the highly acclaimed Executive Chef Federico Zanasi combined with a chic vibe, sophisticated décor and outstanding wine selection. Federico’s use of high quality ingredients with particular attention to local suppliers especially for those in the “Slow Food” circuit, obtains recipes of rare quality, high standards and exceptional taste. Our Chef's tasting menu is available upon request. Snowflake is situated in a prime location in Cervinia at the “Alpe Giomein”, which overlooks the entire ski resort. We invite you to have lunch in our sunny patio and enjoy panoramic views of the magnificent Matterhorn Mountain. The restaurant is open daily during the winter season
Strada Giomein, 46 - 11021 Breuil-Cervinia (AO)
[email protected]